Baptism Bibles

Personalized Baptism Bibles – handcrafted from archival grade materials and bound in genuine leather. These Bibles make for a Grate Baptism Gift that will last for many generations to come.

As you know, Baptism is one of the most important parts of Christian faith and beliefs. Even Jesus has been Baptized by John the Baptist. He was ordained by God to be the predecessor of Jesus. And John was the one who taught us about His coming. Because of this, being baptized is an important part of Christianity. That’s why we dedicate part of our Bible selection to making a Baptism Bible for our children.

We have also gathered together the Bible verses on baptism. And beautifully illustrated them with Baptism images and inserted them in the beginning of it. This way you could learn more about this important part of Christianity. And you can also teach your children why it is so important to our faith.

Personalized Baptism Bibles – Handmade Leather Family Heirlooms


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